Preciado kids bike riding

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Preciado kids bike riding
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The Glider Rider™ is a fantastic new toy riding vehicle that gets tykes on a bike SOONER THAN EVER BEFORE! The Glider Rider™ teaches balance, self confidence and frees children & parents from training wheel dependence. One ride and you’ll never understand why training wheels were ever designed. Once gliding, you and your youngster will experience the ultimate joy of effortless accomplishment. 6 Key Points Why Your Child Should Own A Glider Rider (In Order of Pediatric/Pedogogic Importance) Develops balance, coordination and refines motor skills @ a safe pace for 2-5 year olds. “Total Control” Ultra-Safe Design builds rider self-confidence and enhances learning. Balance aid to instill a natural feel for two-wheel bike riding without Training Wheel developmental delay. Independent Movement Learning Tool to stimulate discovery learning/intellectual development. Effortless, painless, fear/tear-less transition to riding a two-wheel bike with pedals. Versatile, compact “take everywhere” mobility tool that encourages your child to be physically active. Did you know all Glider Rider™ Kid’s bikes are certified safe for youngsters? They do not contain lead paint or other hazardous materials that have recently been part of the massive toy recall for products manufactured in Asia. Click here to view the Glider Rider™ Kid’s Safety Certifications.

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